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At HB Fab Co., we take pride in providing expert welding and metal fabrication services throughout Southern California. Established in 2015, our commitment to fair prices, superior quality, and exceptional customer service has made us a trusted name in the metal fabrication industry. Our expertise extends to a wide range of welding services, offering unparalleled solutions for diverse projects.

Trusted Industry Name

Since our inception, HB Fab Co. has worked hard to cement our reputation of quality and reliability in the welding sector. Our seasoned team of welders brings a wealth of experience, ensuring that every project, regardless of its scale or complexity, is handled with precision and skill. Our reputation as a trusted industry name is a testament to our unwavering dedication to providing top-notch welding services.

Comprehensive Welding Solutions

There’s no welding project beyond our capabilities. We employ various welding techniques, adapting our approach to meet the specific needs of each project. From MIG and TIG welding to stick welding, our diverse skill set allows us to cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

Materials Expertise

Understanding the unique properties of different metals is crucial for delivering exceptional welding services. Our welders are well-versed in the characteristics of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other specialized metals. This expertise ensures that our welding processes meet industry standards, resulting in welds that are both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Structural Integrity and Aesthetic Appeal

We recognize that welding is not just about creating a structure or object that holds together well; it’s also about aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a construction project requiring robust structural welding or a custom fabrication endeavor demanding meticulous attention to detail, our welders masterfully balance structural integrity with aesthetic appeal.

Client-Centric Approach

Each client comes to us with different projects that require different welding needs. Our client-centric approach involves close collaboration, starting with a detailed consultation to understand the project requirements. This ensures that our welding services are tailored to meet the specific goals and expectations of our clients.

When it comes to general welding services, HB Fab Co. stands as a beacon of excellence. Our dedication to quality, skilled team of welders, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to choice for welding services in Huntington Beach, Orange County, and beyond. Trust us to build enduring works of precision and craftsmanship.

HB Fab Co

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Huntington Beach, CA 92649

For Boat Welding (Boat Railings) We Serve:

  • Alamitos Bay Harbor (Long Beach, CA)
  • Balboa Yacht Basin Marina
  • Bayside Village Marina
  • Cabrillo Way Marina
  • Cerritos Bahia Marina (Long Beach, CA)
  • Dana Point Harbor
  • Newport Beach Harbor
  • King Harbor-Redondo Beach
  • Long Beach Marina
  • Marina del Rey Harbor
  • Newport Harbor
  • Rainbow Harbor (Long Beach, CA)
  • The Marina at Dana Point
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