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Iron is one of the most common and versatile metals. It’s been used by humans for at least 6,000 years to craft tools, weapons, and architectural features. Though modern buildings use stronger steel for structural purposes, iron is still frequently used for decoration and in a variety of metalworking projects.

HB Fab Co works with iron alongside other metals. Contact us with the details of your project, and take advantage of our expert ironworking skills.

Wrought Iron vs. Cast Iron

There are two main methods of working with iron: wrought iron and cast iron.

With cast iron, the metal is poured into molds and allowed to cool. This process is best for mass-producing objects such as railings, banisters, and furniture. By contrast, wrought iron allows for more customization, since the iron is worked by hand. Traditionally, this was done by a blacksmith with an anvil, though these days, most wrought iron work is done with an air hammer and acetylene torch.

These two ironworking methods are complementary. Cast iron is the faster, cheaper option for simple objects, while wrought iron provides more opportunities for artistic expression and fine craftsmanship.

Ironwork at HB Fab Co

At HB Fab Co, our shop is set up for simple ironworking. We work on projects such as fences, gates, and railings that use iron in their construction. We’re able to give you a product that’s not just solidly constructed, but customized to your specifications, with any decoration or embellishment you can imagine.

Give us a call and describe the needs of your project. We’ll develop a plan to get your project done in the shortest possible amount of time with the lowest cost, and then execute to produce results you’re satisfied with. If ironwork suits the needs of your project, we’ll get the work done with skill and professionalism.

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For Boat Welding (Boat Railings) We Serve:

  • Alamitos Bay Harbor (Long Beach, CA)
  • Balboa Yacht Basin Marina
  • Bayside Village Marina
  • Cabrillo Way Marina
  • Cerritos Bahia Marina (Long Beach, CA)
  • Dana Point Harbor
  • Newport Beach Harbor
  • King Harbor-Redondo Beach
  • Long Beach Marina
  • Marina del Rey Harbor
  • Newport Harbor
  • Rainbow Harbor (Long Beach, CA)
  • The Marina at Dana Point
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