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At HB Fab Co, we’re adept at many different welding techniques. Depending on the unique needs of each project, we select the type of weld that will deliver the best results. Two common types of welding that we frequently use are MIG and TIG. Let’s take a look at TIG welding: how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is TIG Welding?

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding). As with MIG welding, it creates a weld using a semi-automatic or fully automatic electric arc. Unlike MIG, it uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode alongside a separate consumable filler material. This means that two hands are needed for TIG welding: one for the tungsten electrode, the other for the filler rod.

A shielding gas of 100% argon is used to protect the weld from reacting with the surrounding air. TIG welding does not use CO2, as MIG welding does, because CO2 reacts with tungsten to form tungsten oxide, which can prematurely wear down the electrode and contaminate the weld. TIG welding also uses a foot pedal to allow the welder to adjust the heat.

TIG welding is more difficult to learn and master than TIG welding, since the welder must coordinate the use of two hands and a foot pedal. This makes TIG welding less portable and better suited to shop and bench work than MIG welding.

Advantages of TIG Welding

Though it’s a more involved process than MIG welding, TIG produces stronger welds with greater precision and better aesthetics. The narrow, focused arc of TIG welding offers better penetration of the metal, with little or no spattering. This makes TIG ideal for delicate, aesthetically pleasing metalwork used for decoration. It’s also used in industries like aerospace, car manufacturing, and industrial manufacturing where strength and precision is top priority.

Disadvantages of TIG Welding

These superior results come at a cost; TIG welding is slower and more expensive than MIG. It’s also much more difficult to use in the field. Projects that require TIG welding are best assembled in the shop, then transported elsewhere.

Uses of TIG Welding

So is TIG welding the best choice for your project? That depends on what you’re looking for. If cost isn’t an issue, you want a strong, aesthetically pleasing weld, and your project can be assembled in the shop and transported elsewhere, then TIG may be the ideal choice.

Give HB Fab Co a call with any questions about the differences between MIG and TIG welding. We can advise you on which welding technique is best for your project.

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